Organic products in Covent Garden (London)

Organic products in Covent Garden (London)

There are places where people have a greater understanding and awareness of organic products and these are undoubtedly the major European cities; the most cosmopolitan. And within these cities in question, we can specifically look to the most innovative neighbourhoods; those in which even the way we eat is being modernised towards a more eco-conscious one that values new foods that help us have a better way of life and better health.

London goes natural

In a city like London we can find pre-cooked meals, fast food on the street and, at the other end of the spectrum, the more alternative, healthy options. These are the options that believe food to be a way of finding oneself, and finding real well being through food.

Covent Garden: the most committed neighbourhood

No visitors or tourists come to London without compulsorily stopping at one of the city’s most beautiful and central districts: Covent Garden. The market is a well-known attraction of the neighbourhood, but it is also the starting point for the tours on offer to visit the British capital.

There are a considerable number of markets throughout the city of London (approximately one for each of its emblematic neighbourhoods). Thousands of tourists can be found there who have come in search of a good photo, memories and innovative food. And above all, they come looking for innovation as food in these cases range from the typical dishes of each country to the most natural food; food that can guarantees a lack of gluten, lactose or meat; organic vegetables; and food resulting from organic farming.

And this is not a passing trend, it’s about something much more dedicated. Not only are restaurants, cafes, sandwich shops and food stalls offering organic food, but supermarkets and take away shops also give us the chance to buy pre-prepared food (but only a few hours in advance), such as paninis, pizzas and sandwiches made using organic products.

Because of this, London’s markets and other places to buy takeaway food on the way to work or the next tourist destination can be added to these initiatives. It just goes to show that there is a world beyond the typical fast food made with fats and oils, far removed from the pizzas, burgers and chips known for their unhealthy ingredients; and that we can replace it with healthier, more natural foods that consider the environment and our health – a safe bet for our future.

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