Bio Nutrition and sport

Bio Nutrition and sport

Being concerned with having a proper diet that keeps our health in the best of conditions, has resulted in a new way of nourishment: the organic diet.

What do we know about organic food?

The organic diet is based on the use of natural, fresh organic products that don’t contain harmful residues originating from pesticides, antibiotics or any unnatural fertilisers.

What do people who practice this type of diet have to consider?

– We will give up processed and manufactured products.
– We will carefully control our salt intake and we will only use sea salt.
– We will frequently consume fruit, vegetables and pulses.
–  To complement our healthy lifestyle, we will combine our healthy diet with the regular practice of sports.
– We will be tidy and responsible towards the environment. We will leave our car at home and move around with public transport, walking or by bike.

What are the essential foods that make up an organic diet?

The organic diet is fundamentally based on the consumption of fruit, dairy products, meat, pulses and vegetables. You must not consume artificial products, refined sugar or flour and you should replace these with products such as seaweed or tofu. If you are not very fond of plant products, you can always choose to consume organically-farmed dairy products, chicken or turkey meat or products from the sea, such as fish, which have a high Omega 3 content and 6 fatty acids.


The benefits of organic food

Our health

This diet is incredibly beneficial for our health due to the lack of toxic products, such as pesticides in vegetables and hormones in meat.

It can result in beneficial effects, such as the prevention of degenerative diseases, balance in the digestive system and the reduction of headaches, to name a few examples. It provides balance in our immune system and its products are generally perfect antioxidants.

Other advantages of this diet

You will be caring for the environment, given that no harmful products are used in farming vegetables or rearing animals; and, therefore, do not contaminate the land or pass these onto the animals and people who consume them.
– They are excellent quality products and are highly suitable for diets when practising sports such as running and cycling.
– In the rural world, they contribute to job creation.


In short, the aim of this organic «diet» is not to lose weight, but to eat quality food that is beneficial to our health, is free from artificial products and which, of course, can result in us losing weight; although this is not a given.


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