The seventh room

The seventh room

If you like travelling and are also committed to the environment and everything eco-friendly, your best bet is a series of trips related to organic living and nature. In this article we are going to introduce the 7th Room, a tree hotel in Sweden that is ideal for nature lovers.

What is a treehotel?

A treehotel is a type of hotel that is committed to an organic way of life and the environment. The rooms of this type of hotel are built high up in the treetops and provide their nature-loving guests with a unique and enjoyable experience. The treetop rooms offer unparalleled views and of course you will be experience a hotel and trip that is like nothing you are used to.

The 7th Room

This treehotel is located in the North of Sweden and more specifically in Harads. This unique hotel, which is committed to organic living and nature, opened its doors in early 2017.

This cabin in particular stands ten metres high, has a surface area of 12 x 8 metres and offers memorable views. The 7th Room of this treehotel has large windows and a patio towering ten metres above the forest floor. There is also a tree that runs through the middle of the room, completely integrating the cabin into the wild and natural forest environment in which it is located.

The climb up to the room may appear to be more complicated than it actually is. There is a long stairway that leads you to the top and a small-sized lift has been designed for guests to send their luggage up.

What is the Seventh Room like?


This unique hotel room is supported by twelve columns, meaning that the trees do not have to support so much weight, causing a lower impact.

Inside the space are two bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room and a patio that is spacious enough for you to enjoy the natural surroundings. In total, it can accommodate five people.

It offers a number of amenities and services designed to make for an incomparable stay. The interior design of all the rooms blends in with the exterior and both the bedrooms have skylights so you can admire the starry night sky and enjoy nature and its beauty to the fullest.

Now that you have discovered The 7th Room, you will no doubt be full of anticipation to travel there and experience this place that is committed to the environment, organic living and nature.


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